Steeple Chase

Specifically engineered to accommodate horse steeple-chasing courses, our durable STEEPLECHASE FENCES increase SAFETY and are easy to handle. First of all, our HURDLES and JUMPS can accommodate any racing or schooling course layouts. They feature tremendous shock-absorbing capability and exceptional longevity. Furthermore, our range of WINGS made of high-grade uPVC will give you the perfect protection for any obstacles.

And, in order to fulfill any requirements, we can propose off-the-shelf or custom-made solutions.

Always striving to excellence, our engineers developed a true MOVABLE FENCE which can be easily removed by one person during the race. Our latest generation of hurdles / jumps features ultimate shock absorbing foam to maximize safety.

Our range of Horse Steeplechase Racing products includes:

  • Schooling hurdles – Racing hurdles.
  • PVC Safety wings (sturdy & flexible) acting as a guide and protection on each side of the hurdles.
  • Impact bars – Takes-Off bars.
  • Patented Synthetic Birch offering much greater consistency and lifespan than a natural birch. Frames can hold 1 to 3 rows.
  • Directional cones – Markers.

Dedicated to Horses 🐴