Equinox Racing part of the redevelopment of Lincoln RaceCourse

Jan 20, 2020

State-of-the-art Safety Rail on Lincoln Racecourse ! Actually, the Nebraska HBPA (Horsemen’s Benevolent Protective Bureau) placed their trust in Equinox Racing to secure the Lincoln newly renovated dirt track. In fact, the Nebraskan facility accomplished a major renovation paired with the installation of premium PVC Running Rails and Crowd Barriers ! 

State-of-the-art Safety Rail on Lincoln Racecourse

PVC Heavy Duty Running Rails paired with Metal-Free Footings at Lincoln Racecourse

As a result, the safety of this 7/8 mile Dirt track was dramatically increased with the installation of the Fornells high-end PVC heavy duty Running Rails. And, along the homestretch, public protection was significantly enhanced by our unique PVC Crowd Barriers. Indeed, our handrails are made of ribbed-mesh panel and high-grade PVC lean Rail to provide both safety and comfort. Additionally, on the inside of the track, the Running Rails were erected with our signature patented PVC safety putlock. To clarify, this unique setup aims at creating a 100% METAL-FREE railing system.

Lincoln Racecourse

Fornells PVC Crowd Barrier at Lincoln Race Course

State-of-the-art Safety Rail on Lincoln Racecourse

Lincoln Dirt Track with PVC Safety Rails

Consequently, Lincoln Race Course is now featuring the safest Race Rails ever installed on a Dirt track in America.

State-of-the-art Safety Rail on Lincoln Racecourse

Hassle-free installation of Fornells PVC rails by “Team’ Craig Wulf”

Because ease of installation and usability are always embedded in the design of our products ; the installation was completed by the local team with very minimum remote guidance from our professional installation Services.


Lincoln Race Course

Lincoln Homestretch with PVC Mesh Crowd Barrier


Undoubtedly, the seamless finish and shining white rails and barriers beautify the homestretch aesthetic. And, it looks stunning !





State-of-the-art Safety Rail on Lincoln Racecourse, approved by Nebraska HBPA.


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