Stabilization Grids

Unique and versatile horse stabilization grids.
One product, many uses!

Equinox stabilization grids are specifically designed for horses. Their reversibility and unique design allow multiple uses. With Equinox stabilizing grids you can:

  • Prevent muddy areas in your paddocks, grasslands and stables.
  • Create a sub-layer below the cushion of racing and equestrian surfaces.
  • Stabilize the soil of active stables and paddock paradise.
  • Easily create navigable terrains such as pathways and walkways without recourse to cement nor asphalt 

Our paddock grids are entirely made of recycled and recyclable raw materials. They were designed by our own R&D department and are manufactured in-house. 

Avoid mud in your horses’ paddocks

You want your horses to spend as much time as possible outdoors because that is what best suits their welfare. However, the mud in your pastures, in front of horse sheds or in the pathways and walkways make everyday tasks more difficult.

How to avoid mud on pathway, walkways, paddock areas in an equestrian facility?
How to prevent mud hazard in horse / equine farms?
How to prevent ground from being too slippery and messy due to accumulation of mud?

So many questions that anyone who takes care of horses has asked themselves one day.
Equinox mud control grids are the perfect solution to solve this problem as our stabilization mats are:
  • Easy and fast to install. No ground preparation needed. No need to hire a contractor.
  • Versatile, so you can use them directly or fill them with sand or gravel.
  • Draining : our paddock grids prevent mud in your horses’s field while allowing grass to grow again.
  • Prevent digging from your animals 

Equinox paddock mats are especially designed and manufactured so that your soils remain in good condition despite the rain.

Less mud when it rains and less dust in dry weather. You and your horses will be much more comfy and your land will be protected.

With their embedded cavities, Equinox “mud-stop” grids allow the regrowth of vegetation and ensures their draining capacity. Therefore it will enable avoiding the accumulation of water in the event of heavy rains.

Stabilizing active stables, horse track system, paddock paradise

Equinox ground stabilization slabs are designed to meet several needs depending on how you install them.
Thus, for large areas where horses move, play, gallop… we recommend laying the slabs with the honeycomb side up, filled with sand.

This way, you will obtain comfortable and perfectly stable areas so your horses can move freely.

The holes of the stabilization grids will ensure drainage. When our stabilization slabs are filled with sand (as shown on the pictures) they will create a very stable ground and increase the overall robustness of your installation.
Your horses will appreciate the stabilized ground in your paddock, horse fields, round pen for a long time.


You can install your stabilization slabs flat face up, at the entrance of a shelter or around a feeding station, for example, where horses are usually quiet.

The direction in which to lay the mud-control mats depends on the nature of your ground as well as the way they are used.

In any case, we advise you to lay our stabilization grids on level ground, as flat as possible in order to optimize the quality and durability of your installation.

Creating a sub-layer below equestrian surfaces

Equinox stabilization grids deliver a very stable surface that facilitates the installation of the footing and holds the footing in place.
Another key advantage of using the stabilization grid below the cushion is to help protecting the base during the construction phase.

Whether you want to build an equestrian arena, a galop track, a horse-walker or a round-pen, our ground stabilizers can be used as a sub-layer.

One product, many advantages

More comfort, more safety, more hygiene

Equinox equestrian stabilization slabs create safe conditions and procure a high level of comfort in your fields, pastures, paddock.
They enable safe and easy traffic from your horses, your crew and vehicles.

With drier feet, horses are much less at risk of mud fever or skin cracks.

Your trips back and forth to the feed station, hays storage, horses barns, sheds … will be much easier as you will walk on a solid and dry soil. You will manoeuvre your wheelbarrow way easier and faster ! And last but not least, no more boot lost in the mud 😉

Equinox soil stabilization grids are made to withstand the passage of heavy vehicles and improve ground protection:

Allowing vehicles traffic
Using as temporary parking lots
Ensuring High-traffic resistance for equestrian facilities and farms

Easy to install and to maintain

Equinox stabilizer mats can be installed on any type of surface. For optimal quality and durability of your installation, we strongly recommend preparing the ground before laying the grids.
The ground must be as much flat as possible before laying the grids down.

Our paddock stabilization grids can be cut for a perfect finish.

Their installation is simple and quick. Their interlocking system ensures safe anchorage and prevents lifting.

Installing Equinox horse stabilizing slabs on flat ground increases their traffic-ability. A ground prepared for installation greatly improves the quality and durability.

Heavy-duty and reversible, the design of our ground stabilizers is unique. Their size, thickness, design and weight make them user-friendly while providing high resistance and long lasting.

To keep them clean, just do as usual, with a regular mop or a mechanical cleaning system.

Environmental protection, sustainability

Made of recycled materials and 100% recyclable, Equinox stabilization grids actively contribute to environmental protection and sustainable development.

They also make it possible to fight against the artificialization / concretization of the soil and:

Limit the risk of flooding
Allow water to seep into the soil
Fight groundwater drought
Preserve biodiversity

Equinox Grids are available in 2 sizes depending on your needs

Packaging and delivery

Delivery is by pallet.

Large stabilization mats : 32 mats per pallet (about 300 Sq Ft)
Compact mats : 90 mats per pallet (about 270 Sq Ft)

Shipping is available anywhere in the US.

Dedicated to Horses 🐴