PVC running rails

Made of HIGHEST-GRADE PVC, our horse racing rails are adjustable to fit perfectly and accommodate ground level changing. Besides, the top quality of our materials and the mature design of our rails are at the highest SAFETY performance and LONGEVITY standards. Last but not least, our products are always subject to extensive RESISTANCE tests according to the most stringent protocols ; for instance, strength testing, UV material resistance, “automobile” safety-rig trials.

Depending on resistance requirements or track layouts, our catalog features MULTIPLE RAIL PROFILES. In other words, we have a solution for every racetracks characteristics whether the surface is turf, dirt or synthetic. And, they are supplemented by several ground fixing solutions to achieve your goals ; such as fixed tube, mobile spike, safety putlock or kick-out system.

Standard Rails

Our range of rails offers a full set of options to satisfy the multiple racetracks layout characteristics while coping with the strongest safety standards. That being said, all our products are EASY TO INSTALL ; EASY TO HANDLE and MOVE.

For your temporary space, school area or depending on the layout of your racecourse, we do also offer FREE-STANDING RAILS.

Reinforced Rails

Acting as a “SAFETY BUMPER”, our exclusive Reinforced Rails propose the highest SAFETY level in case of a collision by the horse or the jockey. Indeed, the ELASTICITY of the PVC material will make the rail bends inward and then push backward: this behavior will minimize the risk of injury for both horses and jockeys.

Movable Rails

When moving the rails in and out is required to save the turf from deterioration, we propose our exclusive EASY-TO-MOVE rails. Above all, their lightweight along with their ADAPTIVE GROUND FOOTINGS and rail-joiners offer the easiest installation capability and TRUE MOVABILITY. It will make groundsmen work hassle-free !

Ground Footings

Any of our rail profile fits our acclaimed Goose-Neck Post which comes with many ground fixing solutions according to your needs and track layout. For examples: 

  • galvanized steel pipe
  • PVC safety putlock (for a 100% METAL-FREE railing system).
  • movable steel spike (with or without ground inserts)
  • signature mobile steel pipe
  • patented kick-out system

Dedicated to Horses 🐴