Paddock and Arena

On top of our renowned PVC rails and crowd barriers solutions acclaimed by the most prestigious racecourses around the globe, our PVC POSTS & RAILS ARENA FENCES​ are specifically designed for HORSES. As opposed to residential or other sports fields, EQUESTRIAN requires a much STRONGER PVC fence system. Therefore, our engineering team developed a reinforced profile to PVC HORSE FENCING solutions for Paddock, Arena, Dressage. Consequently, the solution enables to combine the FLEXIBILITY & SAFETY capability of “plastic-bumpers” with the strength of wooden fence. Actually, like any of our PVC materials, the high RESISTANCE of our PADDOCK / ARENA fencing to extreme climate conditions has been proven through tests and field experiences (from intense UV exposure and tropical humidity of Middle East and Australia to extremely cold winter in Russia).

Our typical In-Post Rails are available up to 5 rails to accommodate any requirements. Besides, for extra safety, our Off-Posts products are great affordable easy-to-install solutions.

And, multiple options are available offering many alternatives to fit your needs: Post Height, Number of Rail Levels, type of Ground Footings, Turns / Corners, Gates / Openings …

Last but not least, our PVC Posts & Rails have already been approved by many world-class facilities around the globe ; such as CCI 5 STAR, FEI WORLD CUP and OLYMPIC GAMES.

Dedicated to Horses 🐴