Payson Park placed confidence in Equinox Racing

Feb 17, 2020

Right after the acquisition, by Peter Brant in spring 2019, a significant refurbishing plan started to transform Payson Park. The first class facility was already used by hall of fame trainers Chad Brown, Bill Mott or Christophe Clement. And, with this renovation, the objective is to make Payson Park the leading training center in the United States. 

Payson Park placed confidence in Equinox Racing !!

We were delighted to partner with Payson Park’s team in 2019 to upgrade their Turf course railing system. After an initial on-site assessment performed in March, the management definitely accepted our solution in May. Then, it took only two months to get all materials delivered.  

Payson Park placed confidence in Equinox Racing

Premium Fornells PVC Rails on Payson Park Turf Course

As a result, Equinox Racing supplied Fornells premier movable PVC running rails for the 7/8 mile Turf course of the floridan training center. Both the inside and the outside were upgraded with Fornells railing. As far as the access, the team created them by either using western gates or curved fairing ends. The latter enables open gaps with the highest level of safety possible. 

Firstly, in early September 2019, our crew flew down to Indiantown Florida, for guiding the track maintenance team with the installation. Actually, we started working on the layout of the ground fixings since the course was freshly reshaped. Then, after positioning the footings and gooseneck posts, we assembled the rails. Ultimately, the last piece of the puzzle consisted in adjusting and fine tuning the rails height for a perfect alignment. 

Payson Park placed confidence in Equinox Racing !!

Payson Park placed confidence in Equinox Racing

PVC Movable Rails by Fornells, easy to install and to adjust

Hence, the inner rails were erected with our mobile footings while the outside was setup as stationary. In fact, the local team were able to complete the widening of the course together with the installation of the rails in few weeks.


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