Starting Gates

Our Horse Racing Starting Gates & Schooling Stalls are made of galvanized and stainless steel. Above all, their unique design guarantees seamless starts without spoiling the racing surface. In fact, whatever track surface (turf, dirt or synthetic), our stalls always operate smoothly. Indeed, their design has been engineered for the highest RELIABILITY, SAFETY and DURABILITY. Besides, many options are available to perfectly suit your needs. Ultimately, your project will be handled hassle-free through a true turn-key delivery. User-friendly with low maintenance required ; our gates offer the highest performance at competitive prices. So, don’t risk false starts and try our starting gates now !


From 2 to 30 STALLS, their key features are for instance:

  • Robust and airy structure with plenty of room above jockeys’ head
  • Robust paddings acting as safety cushions for both jockeys and horses
  • Stainless steel mechanical system
  • Easy-to-replace off-board power systems
  • Simple maintenance procedures which enable exceptional longevity
  • Hydraulic steering system, special tyre, custom head guards … and much more

Dedicated to Horses 🐴