Equinox Racing stabilization mud control grids: TIPS ‘n TRICKS in rainy weather and cold weather 


Equinox stabilization grids are the go-to solution for many ground stabilization projects, providing consistency and durability. Considering the weather conditions prior to installation is paramount.


mud control grid

In this article, you’ll see why it is not a good idea to install the grids in rainy or cold weather and what are our recommendations for an optimum installation. In addition, we’ll highlight the major benefits from using the grids in rainy conditions.


Why it is not recommended to install grids when it is rainy or cold weather ?

With rain, cold and horses trampling, ground tends to create holes and unevenness. Under such conditions, it is crucial to scrape the surface and level the ground as much as possible to prevent the grids from moving and ultimately disconnecting from one another.

Stabilization Grid

When it rains, soil can become slippery and uneven, compromising the grip between the grids and the ground surface. This can have a negative impact on the installation process, making it difficult to adjust the slabs accurately and durably.




Our advice:


Do not install your grids on a soft soil if temperature is below 40°F. It will not allow a proper anchorage to the ground.

You can add a layer of washed sand such as river sand (0 – 3/16”) or fine silica sand. Make sure to use a draining and non-abrasive material that won’t lead to excessive hoof wear and sensitivity.  This will increase the grip for your beloved animals and will “protect” the grids system.



Guidance and Tips


Step 1:

Scrape aInstallation of stabilization grid nd level the ground and remove rocks, pebbles, gravels and other significant irregularities. Before laying the grids, the surface should be as smooth and leveled as possible. A slight slope is not a concern though. It will actually enable water flowing (as opposed to “standing water”).





Step 2:

Install the grids so that they are well anchored to the ground, laying flat all theway. It is recommended to let the grids rest for a few days beforeyour beloved horses start using them. This will give the grids time to consistently anchor to the ground. This will result into an optimum installation without irregularitiesunder the surface which will be reinforced.









What are the benefits of stabilization / mud control grids under wet or cold weather ?


Efficient drainage:


Equinox Racing stabilization slabs are designed with embedded drainage system. In wet weather, they ensure consistent water flow, preventing stagnant puddles and helping preserving the soil. In addition, the grids prevent horses from digging the surface up, allowing grass to properly take root.


Resistant to severe conditions:

Although installation in cold weather can be challenging, once installed, the grids retain their high resistance to extreme temperatures. They remain stable, minimizing the risk of cracks or deterioration caused by frost.


Climate versatility:

Equinox stabilization grids are designed to accommodate to a wide range of climate conditions. As a result, they can be used effectively all year round, provided they have been installed under appropriate weather conditions.


Stabilization Mat


It is always better to avoid installing your stabilization grids in rainy or cold weather due to the possible challenges to accurately anchor to the ground.

You can definitely lay them down and thoroughly lock them together when temperature is above 40°F.

For an optimum installation, scrape and level the ground surface to maximize anchorage to the ground and between each grid. The embedded interlocking system helps maintaining the grids attached to one another, preventing from lifting and increasing the overall stability of the system.

They enable consistent drainage and resist to severe weather conditions.

Equinox stabilization / mud control grids are definitely the must-have solution to fix your muddy paddocks and soggy pastures !



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