Equinox Racing for Maryland 5 Star at Fair Hill

Oct 10, 2020

Equinox Racing for Maryland 5Star

New Fair Hill Special Event Zone – May 2020

Equinox Racing for Maryland 5Star

CCI3* Test Event on 8/9/2020

The choice of Equinox Racing for Maryland 5Star at Fair Hill makes a difference !

Firstly, the new premise was laid out to host multiple equestrian disciplines and horse races. As a result, the “New Fair Hill” will become the home of the upcoming Maryland 5 Star. The first 5* event will take place on October 2021. Did you know that, until now, only 6 venues are allowed to host FEI_CCI 5 Star in the world ? So, Fair Hill will be the 7th worldwide and the only 2nd in the United States !

Equinox Racing for Maryland 5Star

Prestige Crowd Barrier – Fair Hill homestretch – May 2020

To that end, the facility went through a complete demolition then reconstruction in the 2nd half of 2019. Consequently, the new reshaped site is now comprising a brand new turf course and timber track, a new cross country course along with show jumping arenas on the infield. 

Equinox Racing for Maryland 5Star

Premium PVC Race Rails on Fair Hill turf course – May 2020

Further, with the ambition of making Fair Hill the Mid-Atlantic Premier World Class equestrian center, the project decided to select world-renowned brands. Therefore, the project chose Tecrail for its premium PVC Race Rails and Crowd Barriers. Additionally, Fornells acclaimed Posts & Rails was picked for the show-jumping arenas. Definitely, Fornells brought his longstanding expertise as the only fully-integrated manufacturer for racecourse equipment. 

Equinox Racing for Maryland 5Star

Ultimately, over a 6 months period only, we supplied and installed nearly 20,000 linear feet of rails and barriers. Above all, it created the safety foundations of a world-class facility to become.  

Undoubtedly, the ease of installation of our materials was a key success factor to deliver high performance fencing systems in a short period of time. Most importantly, our PVC rails, flat-mesh Crowd Barriers and arena Posts and Rails are specifically developed for horse racing and equestrian disciplines. Thus, safety is never compromised while durability is guaranteed. 

As far as the turf course inner rails, it was set up with our movable galvanized steel spike. And, it was paired with PVC ground inserts to be easily moved from training to racing position and vice-versa. 

Although multiple challenges due to the tight schedule and inclement weather, we put our forces together from early stage engineering to final adjustments of the installation. In fact, it was a true turn-key project which was supervised, from start to finish, by our project manager. Last but not least, the project stayed on time and budget. 


Equinox Racing for Maryland 5Star

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