Equinox Racing equipped The Pearl of the Caribbean

Dec 16, 2019

ROYAL SAINT LUCIA TURF CLUB (RSLTC) aka “The Pearl of the Caribbean”, is the brand new horse racing venue in the Caribbean. RSLTC partnered with Equinox Racing to secure its track, homestretch, parade ring and paddock paths.  

Equinox Racing equipped The Pearl of the Caribbean

2019 Pitons Cup – Royal Saint Lucia Turf Club

Affiliated to the China Horse Club the new racetrack is located on Saint Lucia island in the West Indies. And, in December 2019, it became the home of the newly created Pitons Cup, the richest horserace in the Caribbean. Did you know that China Horse Club is also the co-owner of 2018 Triple Crown winner Justify ?

Tecrail Prestige Flat Mesh Crowd Barriers at Royal Saint Lucia Turf ClubPremium PVC Race Rails from Tecrail at the Peal of the Caribbean












In the early stages of the project, RSLTC management decided to comply with the strongest standards. Indeed, the objective was to make it the leading horse racing venue in the Caribbean. Consequently, they mandated Fornells and Tecrail through their US division, Equinox Racing Inc. Taking advantage of a global player with extensive successful racecourse accomplishments around the globe was key.  

In order to meet horse racing international standards, RSLTC chose Tecrail premium PVC race rails and flat-mesh prestige crowd barriers. In addition, Fornells was selected for its long-standing expertise and provided a state-of-the-art 12-stalls starting gate


Equinox Racing equipped The Pearl of the Caribbean


With the exceptional user-friendliness of their design, the local staff assembled and commissioned all equipments at a fast pace. As a result, a total of 6 miles of rails and fences were erected for the first Pitons Cup which was running for the first time on the 13th of December 2019.


Fornells 12-stalls Starting Gate for the 2019 Pitons Cup


Equinox Racing equipped The Pearl of the Caribbean, the richest horse race meet in the Caribbean.

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