About Us

US firm based in New Jersey, Equinox Racing’s dedicated to Horse Racing and Equestrian Industry.

We are committed to supply performance equipment for Equine facilities across AMERICA, such as:

  • Thoroughbred racecourses,
  • Standardbred racetracks,
  • Quarter Horse tracks,
  • Training centers,
  • Equestrian centers,
  • Steeplechase race courses,
  • Cross Country courses,
  • Show Jumping and Dressage arenas.

Our HORSE RACING products feature state-of-the-art design that has been enhanced over 50+ years of developments and innovation. Above all, making more CONVENIENT solutions while increasing their SAFETY capability is always our primary concern.

You will find on our website the product categories we carry and a few products selection for each. However, if you don’t find a product your are looking for on the Products or Gallery pages, feel free to Contact Us. As a matter of fact, we have many more solutions and options available in our catalog. And we will be happy to share our latest achievements.